Tratatamiento experimental de fisioterapia deportiva
Publicado el 15 07 2019

We’re talking data consent – yeah that’s right – consent like when you really want to pet a stranger’s dog or hold someone’s baby – it’s just the polite thing to do. If your company does business in the European Union, or just happens to have information on users located in the EU, the new General Data Protection Regulation, commonly known as GDPR, now applies to you. The deadline for GDPR has already passed, but that doesn’t mean if your business isn’t ready, that it can fly under the radar for long. Unless you’re just dying to burn up to €20 million Euros or four percent of your annual global turnover, of course. Our latest ebook shares what GDPR really means for your company, understand some of the ways companies are becoming compliant – (Hello privacy update emails! ), and get some quick wins for compliance.

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